Diabetes and COVID-19

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Gender differences in mortality due to COVID-19

  • 1.  Gender differences in mortality due to COVID-19

    Posted 05-05-2020 00:30
    Dear All,

    Would you be having a ready made slide deck or pdfs on the topic: gender differences (men have twice the mortality rate as women) in mortality due to COVID-19? Please send to me before this Saturday (May 9) but please do not go out of the way. What I have read is as follows:
    1. The gene for ACE-2 is on the X chromosome
    2. The gene for TMPRSS-2 is androgen dependent
    3. The virus lasts longer in males
    4. Men are less disciplined, do not follow precautions, have many co-morbidities, more risk-taking behaviour (smoking, alcohol), and in general, are less fit
    5. Men are less resilient than women (pre-term girls do better than pre-term boys in catching up)
    6. In general, it could be sex hormone-related although both males and females have female and male sex hormones in the innermost layer of their adrenal cortices.


    Viraj Suvarna MD MSc

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