Diabetes and COVID-19

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    Posted 03-30-2020 05:08

    Hybrid system for Tel-med and m-Helath.

    Just a note on the app.  App is free to patients. For meaningful use they need to connect with provider site that will be your system. Since the design is to monitor  & synchronize care on individual and groups, the  provider site through internal IT, captures data directly. The data through progressive analytic gets filtered and integrated in the EMR every week end with summary. As indicated, the combination of  both Tel-med and M-helath allows those with less skill and resources use the app. Besides the app also supports dietitian and fitness physiologist. The collected data being patient generated it will be stored in your system and in the cloud through Block-Chain. We have also have created options for community health workers or deputized scheme to collect and export the data.

    Thanks for your interest and please, feel free to contact for any more info.



    R Ramanujan DMSC