Diabetes and COVID-19

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  • 1.  glucometers

    Posted 04-05-2020 22:00
    Hi Mark,

    I'm a little familiar with SB, having lived there for 30 years.  Please wave to the Pacific for me  :).
    Okay regarding the inpatient glucometers:
    Will patients need to be testing their own blood sugars?

    If so, my suggestion would be to inquire among the local providers which glucometer most patients are using in their practice.  If most are using a specific brand i.e. Abbott's (Freestyle) then have someone (the hospital CDE, chief of medicine, or endocrinologist) contact the local Abbott rep.  Under the circumstances, they might be willing to donate both glucometers and test strips.  Each kit comes with 10 and some lancets.  Depending on the anticipated length of stay and the frequency of testing likely 1 bottle of 50 stips might be enough. 

    If you can agree on one, maybe two types of glucometer, the manufacture might be willing to also provide cables to download on the patient's own computer once they are discharged from the hospital.  If the patient can print out the recent test results and scan them to the provider then the follow-up virtual appointment is much more focused.  I know Abbot will send a patient the computer connection cable, if requested. 

    Hope this is of some help. Take care and stay safe.

    Eugenia Lennon, ARNP, CDE, PhD
    Tacoma, WA

  • 2.  RE: glucometers

    Posted 04-10-2020 14:19
    Hi Eugenia.  Thank you for your thoughts.  We are currently still in the "waiting for the surge" stage.

    I will wave to the ocean.  It is a beautiful day here.


    Mark Wilson MD