Diabetes and COVID-19

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  • 1.  Individualizing Inpatient Diabetes Care (COVID-19) covidindiabetes.org

    Posted 04-27-2020 13:16
    Edited by Francisco Pasquel 04-27-2020 13:20
    Dear Colleagues,

    This global public health crisis has clearly shown the impracticality of some of our strategies for diabetes care in the hospital. We think approaches that are not only patient-centered, but also centered around the community are important. We obtained support from NIH (through an internal P30 grant) to work on initiatives that can help us care for our patients and learn more about the disease. We are developing a web page with algorithms that we hope can help individualize inpatient diabetes management during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Link here:www.covidindiabetes.org

     We are creating sections for

    • non-critically ill patients (individualized regimens)
    • critically ill (suggestions on IV protocols and transition to SC insulin)
    • hyperglycemic crises (DKA protocols with SC insulin for mild/mod DKA)
    • CGM implementation (2 factory-calibrated devices available).
    • References ( public health information, other resources)    

    We would like to keep this web/app open for discussion for continuous update. We have started at Emory and are expanding to other centers (US and outside) to hear about feedback (usability and content). We have additional content coming up so please stay tuned. 

    We would like to hear your suggestions/experiences below so we can improve this open-access page. This is a rapidly evolving field and we would like to keep this content updated with hopefully useful information for providers around the world taking care of hospitalized patients with diabetes and COVID-19. 

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.



    Francisco J. Pasquel, MD, MPH  
    Assistant Professor of Medicine
    Division of Endocrinology | Emory University 

  • 2.  RE: Individualizing Inpatient Diabetes Care (COVID-19) covidindiabetes.org

    Posted 04-28-2020 09:28
    Dear Francisco,

    This app is good work. At Temple we independently developed a similar algorithm using most of the same principles. It's too long to send here and I'll send it separately. You might consider adding a variable for type of diabetes.


    Daniel J. Rubin, MD, MSc, FACE
    Associate Professor of Medicine
    Director of Clinical Research
    Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
    Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University
    Chair, Glycemic Control Taskforce, Temple University Hospital
    Communications Director, Health Care Delivery & Quality Improvement Interest Group

  • 3.  RE: Individualizing Inpatient Diabetes Care (COVID-19) covidindiabetes.org

    Posted 04-28-2020 20:24
    Dear Dan,

    That's great advice. Looking forward to seeing how your team has adapted care at Temple. Would love to see if there is overlap in the approaches.


    [Francisco] [Pasquel] [MD, MPH]
    [Assistant Professor of Medicine]
    [Emory University / Division of Endocrinology]
    [Atlanta] [GA]