Diabetes and COVID-19

CovIdentify: A Duke study to track COVID-19 using mobile and wearable devices

  • 1.  CovIdentify: A Duke study to track COVID-19 using mobile and wearable devices

    Posted 04-09-2020 12:44
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    Our team at Duke launched a study last week to track COVID-19 (https://covidentify.org/). The goal is to use mobile and wearable devices to learn how we can track the spread of COVID-19, when someone may be susceptible to contracting it, and who might be at higher risk of worse outcomes if they get infected. Anyone can join- even if you have never had COVID-19 and are staying at home, it is helpful to us if you participate!

    It is very simple to be in the study. You will receive either a text message or email with 2 questions each day (were you within 10 feet of anyone outside your household today? Do you feel sick today?). If you answer yes to feeling sick, there will be a few more questions about your symptoms. 


    If you have a smart watch (you don't need one to participate!), you can link it up to the study to help researchers learn how your heart rate and movement are affected by COVID-19. Right now you can link Fitbits and Garmin watches, and in the next few weeks other wearables will be added. You can join the study now and link your watch later if you don't have a Fitbit or a Garmin. We are also working with wearables partners to offer a discount to participants who would like to purchase a wearable.


    It would be very helpful to our research community if you would be willing to join. Also, if you could pass the study information along to your networks, it would help our study team expand our reach.


    Thanks for considering, and please stay well! 

    Jessilyn Dunn, PhD
    Duke University
    Durham, NC