Diabetes and COVID-19

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  • 1.  Diabetes risk assessment

    Posted 06-03-2020 15:37

    Dear All,

    many people with undiagnosed diabetes or prediabetes may suffer from COVID-19 infection. It is possible to assess diabetes/prediabetes risk using a non-invasive risk test, e.g. widely used Finnish Diabetes Risk Test (FINDRISC). Therefore, we have initiated a platform for such an assessment. 

    Jaakko Tuomilehto

    Dear Recipient,

    We are pleased to inform you the e-questionnaire FINDRISC-COVID is available through the WCPD Foundation frontpage website : http://foundationwcpd.org/


    or following the link:



    Please use and disseminate it as much as possible


    Best regards,


    Rafael Gabriel

    Jaakko Tuomilehto

    WCPD Foundation 

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